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Energy-Saving Tips For Your Bathroom

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on February 14, 2022

Opportunities for better efficiency are in every room!

bathroom energy tips northeast united statesThere are more energy savings to be found in the bathroom than you may realize. And with a few easy tweaks, you can save on your water and energy costs, while also being more eco-friendly—without feeling like you’re making a big sacrifice in terms of comfort or convenience.

Conserve Water—No Cold Showers Required!

Conserving water benefits our environment on a broad scale. Using too much water—before we’re able to purify and recycle it—can deplete natural bodies of water, like lakes, streams, and wetlands, and this impacts the whole ecosystem. There are a few ways to better combat this, including:

Take Advantage of Energy-Efficient Upgrades

There are so many energy-efficient options to choose from when upgrading your bathroom fixtures, including budget-friendly options. Consider installing:

Don’t Forget About Electricity and Natural Gas Efficiency

Cutting down on excess water usage isn’t the only money-saving tactic coming from the bathroom. Your electricity and/or natural gas usage can also be conserved with a few easy changes to your habits.

Choose an Energy Provider Who Works for YOU!

Discount Power makes it easy and safe to save on your electricity and natural gas bills, all while helping you reduce your carbon footprint. With hundreds of thousands of customers across eight states, Discount Power has proven to be a safe, easy way for customers just like you to take control of their energy costs, providing them the flexibility to choose plans that fit their needs, and save them money too! Don’t worry, your utility company will still respond to power outages, and send you your statements. But now you’re not stuck with their limited options.

There’s absolutely no risk, and plenty of reward. You can always switch back at the end of your plan. However, over the last 12 years, tens of thousands of customers have consistently enjoyed buying from us. Reach out to learn more about becoming a customer from one of our energy experts!

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