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Choosing An Energy Provider: 5 Factors To Consider

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on January 4, 2021

energy company new englandWhen it comes to choosing an energy supplier for your home or business, price is one of the most important factors to consider—but it shouldn’t be the only thing you take into account.

If you’re in the market for a new energy supplier and want to make the best possible choice for your home or business, you’ll need to dig a little deeper than price alone if you want to find the best option. Here are some other factors to consider when you’re trying to narrow the field on residential and commercial energy suppliers in your area.

Qualities Of A Good Energy Company

  1. A Stable History—In a business as unpredictable as energy supply, with changes in weather, price and other conditions contributing to a near constant risk of volatility, you’ll want to choose an energy company that has a track record of rolling with the punches and reliably delivering superior service and competitive rates year after year. In energy provision, longevity counts—choose established companies whenever possible.
  2. A Good Reputation—Do your research beforehand! Look for companies with a reputation for great customer service. Is your company of choice registered and accredited with the Better Business Bureau? Have they received certifications, awards or notoriety for achievements within their sector? Above all, you’ll want to stick with providers that can provide a dedicated, friendly and responsive customer service rep or team whenever possible.
  3. A Range of Options—Not all energy suppliers offer the same product and service options, so be sure you know what’s available before you commit to a provider. In general, you’ll want to find providers that offer as wide a range of value-adding services as possible—from flexible pricing programs (fixed- and variable-rate energy plans, for example) to eco-friendly “green” energy options and more. If having the ability to switch from natural gas to electricity (or vice versa—or even bundling both!) is important to you—or if you have a home or business operation that requires both—then choosing a provider that offers these solutions is paramount.
  4. A local/regional presence—Some large energy providers—especially ones that are subsidiaries of even larger conglomerates—may not have the ability or time to adequately service customers at the local level. Smaller, private companies, on the other hand, are typically more agile and better able to serve the needs of customers in local communities. When you’re sorting through energy supplier options, bump up private, regional options to the top of the pile.
  5. Accountability—You’ll want to be certain that your energy supplier is transparent and accountable at all points of your relationship. Factors like regulatory changes, swing, material deviation, and force majeure could alter the agreement you’ve signed. Make sure your customer service reps take the time to sit with you and explain all the conditions that could materially impact your contract before you sign anything.

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