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How Does Deregulation Empower Consumers?

Written By: on March 1, 2020

Energy choice means competition, and competition means savings

energy deregulation eastern united statesAs you turn on the lights when you come home in the evening, turn on your coffeemaker in the morning, or fire up your gas stove to make an evening meal, you may come appreciate the energy that’s being provided for you, but not necessarily thinking about who exactly provided it.

However, with energy deregulation in effect across many states in the US, including those in our service area, thinking about your energy provider might just be something worth reflection.

Once, the local energy utilities not only delivered the energy to your home, but were also the only choice for generation supply to your home. Deregulation changed all that.

Customers like you now have the freedom to purchase your energy from an independent energy service company (ESCO) like Discount Power instead of only your local utility company.

What does energy choice give you?

A whole lot!

When energy deregulation was put in place, energy service companies such as Discount Power were introduced into the energy market. That gave consumers like you new choices about how you get both your electric and natural gas services. In fact, you might’ve benefitted more than you’re even aware. Here’s how:

You’re in the driver’s seat

With competition among local utilities and independent energy providers, the market gives you options that let you decide which provider best fits your needs. For instance, you can control the term length in our energy plans, which can range from three, six, nine, or 12 months, and even longer. This allows you protection from fluctuation in seasonal energy prices, giving you a consistent rate for as little, or long as you’d like. Whatever your priorities are when it comes to your home’s energy needs, whether it be electricity or natural gas, Discount Power can help fulfill them!

Switching is easy

After you enroll with Discount Power, your work is done! It’s really that easy. Our guided step-by-step process makes it simple and straightforward to sign up, whether in front of your home computer, or even on-the-go through your smartphone! Once you choose your new plan and submit just a few simple pieces of information, we submit the request to your utility, who then switches your service to us. There is no interruption in your energy service because the switch itself is seamless. After one to two billing cycles, you’ll begin to see Discount Power and your new rate on your energy bill. Are we nearby? Click here to see the utility companies in your area that Discount Power works with, and if you’re eligible to enroll today!

Deregulation helps you save money on your energy bill

Energy service companies like Discount Power have the freedom to shop around to get the best prices. When we do get the best available price, we’re able to pass along those savings to our customers. And you’ll see those savings with lower energy bills each month!

You can choose green energy

Climate change is a big deal. Choosing more sustainable, renewable energy sources to provide energy to our homes is a way all of us can help reduce our carbon footprint. If choosing greener sources of electricity is a priority for you, Discount Power is the energy service company you can rely on. We offer options for green energy that most local utilities are unable to give to their customers. With our Green Plans, the energy your home uses will be paired to 100% renewable, wind-powered energy through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)!

We make it easy to go green with your energy by letting you lock in your rates for up to three years. Discount Power protects you from future rate hikes while you protect the environment!

Discount Power gives personal service

Let’s face it, utility companies can be pretty large corporations, and quality customer service often gets lost in all that they do. Being a customer who has to jump through hoops just to reach a human voice can be pretty frustrating, especially if you’re having a problem with your energy service. But at Discount Power, we understand more than utility companies that you have a choice in how you get your energy. That motivates us to provide prompt, courteous customer service and support. If we can’t solve the issue for you, we’ll always make sure we put you through to the proper personnel who can.

You get rewarded for being a Discount Power customer

Because you have a choice in energy service companies, we at Discount Power are always grateful when someone choses us to be their energy service company. We work every day to keep your trust and loyalty with outstanding customer service, fair and transparent rates, and green energy options. Another way we say thanks is through our Rewards Program. When you enroll in a Discount Power plan, every customer who gives us a valid email address is automatically signed up in our Rewards Program. Rewards Program customers automatically receive at least $50 in Rewards Dollars every month. Your Rewards Dollars can be used for discounts at several restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues right in your area!

You help create jobs and benefit local communities

Energy Service Companies such as Discount Power offer unique career opportunities to your neighbors. Our customer service representatives are right here in the United States, not some foreign call center. Discount Power also supports the communities in which we serve, with charitable efforts for local nonprofits through our Generate Hope program!

Are you ready to take control of your electricity or natural gas service and costs? Get in touch with Discount Power today to learn more about us, and become a customer. We’d love to have you on board.

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