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Best Energy-Efficient Upgrades to Increase Home Value

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on October 11, 2021

“Green” Home Appliances Make a Difference in Hot Homebuying Market

home efficiency tipsAdding value to your home is important whether you’re considering putting your property on the market in the next few weeks or planning to stay put for another few years. After all, who doesn’t want to come out on top of a large investment? When speaking of adding value, over the years, we’ve seen a shift in the demands, gadgets, technology, and features coveted by homeowners. Today’s newest buyers, right here across the Greater Northeastern United States, are excited about upgrades that can reduce their carbon footprint and save them money.

Many buyers want to feel like they are doing their part to reduce climate change, but the process of making big changes can seem daunting. Purchasing a home that already has some energy-efficient upgrades is very attractive to buyers who may otherwise feel overwhelmed by “going green.” Not every upgrade will pack a big bang for your buck, though. Read on to learn more about how Discount Power can help save you money on energy costs and increase your property value.

Planting Trees

What better way to “go green” than literally going green? By planting tall shade trees in your yard, you can increase your curb appeal, while naturally shading the home and making the air conditioning more energy efficient.

Whether you can plant mature trees or want to go the long haul with newer seedlings, planting shade trees is a simple cost-efficient investment.

Install Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are all the rage, yes. They save users a lot of money on their energy costs, which is appealing. But they’re also flashy and modern-looking—some making unspoken statements as status symbols, really.

When potential buyers are looking at a home, they not only imagine the lower utility bills; they also envision showing off that sleek washer and dryer set to friends and family or bragging about being able to control their energy-efficient tankless hot water heater—anytime, anywhere—with an app on their smartphone.

Upgrading Your Kitchen

Did you know that even minor kitchen improvements can yield a resale return on investment of nearly 80 percent of the renovation costs? It’s a no-brainer that the kitchen has become one of the first places to start when looking to make significant home upgrades.

Energy-efficient appliances not only add eye candy, but the energy savings they offer versus outdated units can pay for any additional upfront costs while improving your home’s resale value.

Replacing Existing Insulation

Your home’s visual characteristics are what catch a buyer’s eye, but a savvy buyer will pay attention to your appraisal report. Properly insulated walls improve a home’s ability to heat and cool and are one of the best upgrades to add value to your home.

The improved insulation may also save energy due to the decreased demand on your heating and cooling systems. This can hold true for multiple areas of the house, from your roof to the attic, all the way down through a finished or unfinished basement.

Replace Your Age-Old Furnace or Boiler with a Smart Model Heater and Thermostat

Your heater is one of the most—if not THE most—important appliances in your home, and for that reason, upgrading your furnace or boiler gets its own category. Bringing your heater into the 21st century means new buyers won’t have to worry about it. This is a task that, while necessary, most homeowners dread. Yes, there is an expense associated with replacing a heating system, but everyone must do it eventually, and the technological advancements of the past decade mean big savings for homeowners who make the switch.

Energy-efficient heaters can even sync with a smart thermostat you can control remotely. Gone are the days when you had to program your thermostat in advance and stick to a rigid schedule to save money. Newer model heaters and thermostats make the process simple, and potential buyers will love that.

Discount Power makes it safe and easy for you—and your potential buyers—to save on your electricity and natural gas bills all while helping you reduce your carbon footprint. When you switch to one of our Green Plans, 100% of your electric usage will be offset by carbon-neutral, wind or hydroelectric sources. What’s more, you can lock in today’s low, green electricity rates for an extended period—so you can feel even better about the difference you’re making!

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