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Energy Saving Is For Kids Too! Here Are 6 Teaching Tips

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on June 8, 2020

kids energy saving tipsThe environment belongs to everyone, and all of us take some responsibility to be good shepherds to guide our planet into a healthy future. Naturally, we must learn how to accomplish this in responsible and wise ways, and like much of what we do in life, learning what is right and what is misguided begins at an early age.

So when it comes to the environment and sharing various lessons, it’s never too early to pass on knowledge, tips, and advice to your children, no matter their age.

With that said, here are a few ways to teach your children how to appreciate the precious resources we have, and how and why we should use energy in the most responsible way possible.

Start off right

Telling your kids to shut off lights when they leave a room and scolding them for mindlessly staring at an open refrigerator won’t work if you just use the initial admonishment of: “Because I said so!”

We can make it relatable through some of the devices they use every day like a phone or computer, and why plugging things in overnight may do more harm than good.

If you’re really ambitious, you can try to begin by explaining the difference between climate and the weather—a concept many adults do not even understand. Your kids may already be familiar with the concept of climate change from school. Delve deeper into what that means for our future and what we all of us can do to try to make a positive difference through popular YouTube videos or shows available on popular streaming channels.

Conservation begins at home

It’s always best to start with simple things, such as reminding them why it wastes energy for them to leave lights on in unused rooms or how much water we waste if we constantly keep the faucet open while brushing our teeth.

You could also explain the concept of your home’s thermostat and why it’s important to keep the setting at a reasonable temperature. Along the way, teach them the value of natural light and how the heat from the sun can bring more warmth to your home in the winter without the need of turning up the heat. Or, how closing curtains and blinds in the summer will help your home feel cooler.

Have fun

Above all else, have fun teaching your children how to save energy! Here are six easy ways in which you can do exactly that:

  1. Organize a family teaching night where members take turns sharing what they have recently learned about energy and how to conserve it
  2. Conserve gasoline, too! Organize family bike rides on weekends and have fun planning out your routes – while explaining the benefits of not always relying on the family car
  3. Organize family hikes or plan a camping trip to give your children a better appreciation of all of the gifts Mother Nature has granted us.
  4. Start a family garden. Kids love watching the seeds they have planted blossom!
  5. The next time you’re tackling a home efficiency project, like replacing caulk or installing weather-stripping, get the kids involved and show them how it’s done and why it will make a difference in how more comfortable the house will feel.
  6. Instill some fun facts they can share with their friends, such as identifying all the types of renewable energy, and how they work; like Wind, Hydro, Geothermal and Solar power! They can even learn some numbers too, like some examples and fast facts we have on our website!

Of course, this is just a start. There are many other ways to have your whole family join in and do their part to save energy.

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