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Energy Suppliers Vs. Utilities: What’s The Difference?

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on August 17, 2020

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suppliers and dealersLike many people, you may think you can only get electricity and natural gas for your home from one source: your local utility. Here’s some good news: This is not the case. You have an alternative that can not only give you great service but save you a bunch of money alongside numerous other benefits as well. That alternative is an energy supplier—like Discount Power! With so many energy suppliers out there (sometimes also referred to as ESCOs: Energy Service Companies), it can be really confusing to navigate all the options available and the terminology that goes with it. We’ll help you understand some of those core elements.

Energy delivery vs. supply

Your local utility companies, whether for electricity, natural gas or both, own the infrastructure that delivers the electricity or natural gas to your home. That includes responsibility for things such as the wires, the poles and gas lines. If you have a power outage, no gas, or any other emergency, your utility company is still the party you’d call directly.

Those local utilities will continue to deliver your electricity and your gas. They will be the ones who bill you and they’re also who you pay for your energy costs.
But when it comes to the electricity and natural gas itself coming into your home, that is provided by energy suppliers.

What exactly are energy suppliers?

Energy suppliers came into being with energy deregulation, which began in the 1990s. In many states, this opened up markets for consumers to have the freedom to choose where they get their energy supply from. That freedom means you get to decide what is important to you when it comes to your energy source.

For example, with Discount Power, we offer not only great rates, but our Green Energy Plans help support a cleaner form of electricity. With our Green Plan, 100% of the electricity you use is offset by wind energy, which is carbon neutral. Many utilities cannot offer these kinds of options.

Other key criteria that become important factors in decision making include the following:

And many more!

How do I choose an energy supplier?

This is where being a savvy consumer comes in. There are a lot of energy suppliers out there. Some, unfortunately, can be shady, so you have to watch out for bait-and-switch and other underhanded tactics. And you have to read the fine print.

The first important thing to do as you comparison shop is to make sure the energy supplier you are looking at is registered and approved in your state. There are scammers out there, so be careful.

With Discount Power, everything we do is transparent and aboveboard. You can use our website to find out where we serve and what services are available right where you live. We also give you options to let you choose what works best for you, your family, and your electricity and natural gas needs.

You can choose between locking in your rate or going with the market rates. With a locked-in rate, you get the security of knowing exactly what your rate will be for the duration of the plan. With the market rate, you can take advantage of the prospect of having lower rates if the market price goes down.

And we don’t lock you in with one-size-fits-all plans. Not only do you get to choose your rate option, you get to choose the duration of your plan! You are in control of your commitment.

Ready for a great energy supplier? We beat out the other Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) because of our proven track record for savings, tens of thousands of satisfied customers, and more robust options—both green and traditional solutions. Get energized about your savings with Discount Power!

If you need us, we’ll be there. If you ever have any questions, our team of customer service professionals will help you with whatever you need. Contact us to get started on becoming a Discount Power customer!

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