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Going Green: It’s Best For Business

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on May 18, 2020

Why green initiatives are a major benefit for your bottom line

business going greenGreen initiatives, like enrolling in a Green Energy plan from Discount Power, are not just trendy or some kind of “greenwashing” of 2020: They are tools that can truly help your business succeed in a multitude of ways.

The business experts at Discount Power can help you harness the power of sustainable energy to reduce your business’s carbon footprint while maintaining cost controls and protecting your overhead.

Read on to learn more about how going green is the right direction for your business!

The tax and legal benefits of going green

Many states not only have raised standards on things like emissions, they have also created incentives and rewards that give you good reasons to start adding more environmentally-friendly practices to your business.

Take Florida, for example: If a business uses solar energy systems, equipment, machinery, or uses other renewable technologies, they become eligible for a sales tax exemption. There are also additional rebates and grants available for businesses that utilize certain solar and other renewable energy sources into their operations. These vary from state to state, so be sure to research your home state to find out what’s available.

At the federal level, businesses that use vehicles that are hybrid, electric, or use other alternative fuels as company cars are eligible for a tax credit. If your business uses solar or wind energy, you can claim a tax credit of up to 30%!

Going green makes good fiscal sense

Going green is not just about solar and wind energy. It is also about practices in the day-to-day life of your business that are better for the planet as a whole. One area you may not think of when it comes to going green and saving money is reducing waste both physically, and via energy usage itself: Here are some ways you can reduce how much you send to landfills, while also reducing overhead costs in and around your office or place of business:

Employees benefit from green practices

A greener office environment is a safer and healthier one for employees. Using green cleaning products instead of more chemical-based cleaning products is not only better for the environment, but it is better for employees who have respiratory conditions or other health problems.

A greener workplace also facilitates feelings of a safe, community atmosphere that improves not only morale but also loyalty towards the business. That helps translate into a more stable, dedicated workforce at-large.

Customers like greener businesses

Consumers are concerned about the environment: It shows in their purchasing practices! According to a recent survey, nearly 59% of consumers responding said they favor businesses that apply green initiatives, while nearly half are willing to boycott businesses that have unsustainable practices or products.

One way you can make your business more attractive to consumers is by simply educating them. Make recycling and composting information clear on the packaging; and in the workplace, label and post proper signage for separating products before disposing. Doing so is a more attractive, user-friendly way to inform and get others on board.

Using sustainable practices is a great selling point. One example is Adidas, which created a sneaker made from recycled plastic in an effort to support efforts in ridding our oceans of plastics. The limited-edition sneakers sold out and, along with its other efforts in sustainability, could help Adidas generate $1 billion in revenue.

Green energy practices don’t have to be kept to just the office, of course; bring them into your residence! In fact, contact us to learn more about our Green Energy options available in your community. Currently, Discount Power operates with utilities in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Take a look and see if we’re nearby!

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