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Does My Home Need a Natural Gas Safety Inspection?

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on February 7, 2022

Staying Up To Date on Your Annual Natural Gas System Safety Check

gas safety inspection new englandGas-powered appliances and heating systems are both energy-efficient and safe, but just like other equipment, it’s important to have periodic safety inspections to prevent small problems and worst-case scenarios, however far-fetched.

Just like with vehicle inspections, many municipalities require natural gas safety inspections. But even when a safety inspection is not required, a home or business owner should still take the initiative to make sure their equipment is in good shape. It just makes sense to protect your investment, your energy efficiency, and your safety.

What is Involved in a Natural Gas Safety Inspection?

Though Discount Power does not offer safety inspections, it doesn’t mean that getting an inspection of your natural gas equipment isn’t still a quick and easy task to accomplish! Once you’ve located a local company that offers inspections, they’ll dispatch a trained and certified energy expert who will:

What are the Signs of a Natural Gas Safety Emergency?

Your natural gas safety inspection should be conducted at least annually, though if anything seems off with your equipment, don’t wait to have it checked out. Signs that your natural gas line or appliances may need emergency attention include:

Why is a Natural Gas Inspection Important?

There are many benefits to making sure your natural gas equipment is in good working order, ranging from protecting your wallet to protecting your family. Ultimately, regular natural gas inspections each year can:

Take Control of Your Natural Gas Costs with Discount Power!

Inspecting your natural gas heating system and appliances regularly gives you the power to protect your investment in your equipment and choosing your own natural gas provider can give you the power to secure affordable fuel prices.

Natural gas prices can spike unexpectedly. If the weather is colder or warmer than usual, that rate spike and heavy energy use can wreak havoc on your budget… but no longer!

If you’re tired of seeing your utility bills fluctuate without any control over what’s happening, you’ll love us. One of the best things about Discount Power is our ability to fix your rate, guaranteed to eliminate the surprise of price spikes. You can even choose how long you want to lock your rate in from just a few months to as long as three years. We also offer variable pricing for those who prefer it.

We make it easy and safe to save on your natural gas bills, all while helping you reduce your carbon footprint. And don’t worry, your utility company will still respond to power outages and any emergencies like gas leaks, as well as send you your statements. But now you’re not stuck with their limited options. See what becoming a Discount Power customer can do for you!

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