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What Happens After Choosing a New Energy Supplier?

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on November 16, 2021

…and What Stays the Same? We’ll Help Answer That!

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Choosing a new power supplier can feel a little intimidating on the surface, and customers may feel overwhelmed by the possibility of changes to their plan—or what happens along the way. But some changes can be great, and we think that after reviewing which portions of your energy plan will be different—and what won’t—you can be better informed to decide what benefits you the most! Let’s walk you through the full process here:

Changes you may experience after choosing a new supplier include:

You WON’T see these things change:

Give Yourself the Power to Choose Your Energy Supplier

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Currently, Discount Power operates with utilities in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island servicing both residential and commercial customers—use our ZIP code lookup to see if Discount Power can become your supplier.

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