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Discount Power: Protecting People, Plants And Animals

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on March 2, 2020

Renewable energy benefits our planet

green energy eastern united statesClimate change isn’t just about the weather. Its impact on our planet is wide-ranging. For example, a recent report from a panel of scientists with the United Nations declares that the biodiversity of species on Earth is declining at an alarming rate. “Faster than any time in human history,” is how the report described it. All species are connected, and what happens to one species, can affect us all.

In fact, we’re currently in the midst of the sixth major extinction the planet has experienced, and it will have a long-range impact on resources we rely on, including our ecosystems.

But we aren’t helpless. There are things we can do to protect our ecosystems and species, ultimately protecting ourselves.

Renewable energy protects biodiversity

Climate change is the biggest threat to wildlife. The changes in the atmosphere affect climate patterns and seasonal shifts all over the planet. These all have negative impacts on ecosystems and species through food supplies and reproduction, which threaten species’ survival.

But by investing in renewable energy sources, such as carbon-neutral fuels, or 100% wind-generated electricity, which you can get from Discount Power, you’re helping to reduce that negative impact.

But just how does renewable energy help biodiversity? By not putting carbon pollution and greenhouse gases into our atmosphere! Dirty fossil fuels increase these emissions and facilitate the negative consequences on our planet. By supporting Green Energy, from sources like solar and wind, you are protecting our ecosystems by protecting against habitat loss.

Oil and gas companies are a major threat to habitats thanks to exploring for deposits (and sometimes using seismic blasts in that work), extracting and transporting fuel, and pipelines. And that’s just the beginning of the damage they do. Throw in oil spills and other pollution, and you see just how much of a negative impact fossil fuels can begin to make, and have already made, on our ecosystems.

Helping create biodiversity success stories

Renewable energy proponents are teaming up with conservationists to come up with solutions to help protect our ecosystems and species.

One example is the collaboration between offshore wind farms and scientists from organizations such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and then National Wildlife Federation to make sure that marine windmills operate sustainably with minimal environmental impact, and protect species like whales, for example.

Companies that operate solar and wind farms often work with organizations like the Audubon Society and Defenders of Wildlife to ensure that these farms protect the local ecosystems and species. They also come up with ideas to enhance the ecosystem. For example, solar farms plant native plants on their sites to provide resources for species ranging from bees to birds.

Through green energy initiatives, you are helping to support these collaborations that will help protect our ecosystems, our species, and our planet.

How can I help Earth’s biodiversity with Discount Power?

Doing your part doesn’t have to take a lot of effort or sacrifice. By choosing Green Energy from Discount Power, your electric usage will be offset by carbon-neutral, wind-generated energy sources. And with us, you can also lock in a low rate at a plan length that best suits your needs.

With Discount Power, you can feel good about turning your lights on.

Contact us to learn more about our Green Energy plans, and see if we work with utility providers in your area.

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