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“Vampire Power”—What’s That?

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on January 18, 2021

phantom power solutionsIf you are conscientious about your energy use (likely a few of you are if you’re reading this blog!) you will want to pay attention to a recent Powerley article about vampire power—also referred to as “phantom”, “phantom load” or standby power. In short, this is the power your appliances draw when they are plugged in but not “on” or actually in use.

This may come as a surprise, but appliances use a lot more power when they’re “off” than most people realize. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, “vampire power” from appliances and electronics accounts for 10% of the energy used in an average home. For the United States, that’s nearly 52 billion kWh per year—the output of 26 average-size power plants!

The good news is that small adjustments for common home appliances have reduced the estimated annual standby cost of these devices by nearly 58%—a significant number for such a minimal investment of time and effort (you can read the complete details of their findings here).

Vampire Hunting In Your Home

With all of this in mind, what are the best ways to reduce phantom load in your home? Let’s break down some solutions, room by room:

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious squeezing every last bit of energy efficiency out of your home, look no further than your power outlets. Always-on devices in your home are using energy and sucking up a significant amount of your hard-earned money in the process. But with a few simple adjustments, you can kill your vampires and become a smarter home energy user!

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