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How Can I Reduce My Electric Bill This Summer?

Written By: Warm Thoughts Communications on August 5, 2021

electricity tips new englandWhen temperatures rise in the summer, so does your electric bill—mostly because about half of that bill comes from cooling your house or apartment.

For most people, A/C is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. That’s especially true with the record-setting temperatures we’ve been seeing pretty much everywhere in our country the last few years (the Northeast has been spared some of the brutal weather that the West Coast has endured so far this year—but according to experts, that weather will soon be heading our way).

Regardless of how hot it gets; you shouldn’t have to choose between sweating and taking out a loan to pay your home cooling bill. Here are four ways to reduce your electricity bills at the peak of summer.

4 Ways to Shrink Your Electric Bill

1. Take note of your current electricity use. Spend a few days observing your own electric efficiency behaviors. Do you wash clothes during the day, when you’ll pay higher peak power rates? Do you leave lights on when you leave each room, or keep the air conditioner running when no one is home? Awareness and small day-to-day changes can make a big difference in how much electricity you’ll use this summer.

2. Lighten the load on your A/C. The most obvious way to reduce your electric bill is to run your A/C less often. But you can also cut your bill by lightening the load on your cooling system in other ways. Here are some suggestions to do exactly that:

3. Don’t forget your other appliances! Your air conditioner isn’t the only device using electricity during the summer. Try these additional energy-saving tips:

4. Fix your electric supply rates. Locking in a fixed rate on your electricity supply before the heat reaches its peak allows you to weather any spikes in market prices. Find out what options you have to fix your rate so it won’t jump, even if electricity prices go up. 

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