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The Freedom To Choose Your Energy Provider

November 10, 2021

You Have the POWER to Choose Your Energy Supplier!In days gone by, utility companies held all the power when it came to supplying electricity and natural gas to customers. After all, they control the gas …

How To Prepare Your Business for the Winter Season

October 18, 2021

“Winterizing” Your Business Can Help Save Money With winter just around the corner here for the Northeastern United States, most people know that it’s important to get their home ready for the colder season—but businesses …

Best Energy-Efficient Upgrades to Increase Home Value

October 11, 2021

“Green” Home Appliances Make a Difference in Hot Homebuying Market Adding value to your home is important whether you’re considering putting your property on the market in the next few weeks or planning to stay …

The Differences Between Types of Energy

October 4, 2021

Renewable, Green, Clean, Sustainable: What’re the Differences?Nowadays, many people use the terms renewable energy, green energy, and clean energy interchangeably, but that’s not actually correct, and can cause a lot of confusion for folks who …

How To Best Optimize Your Home Heating System

September 20, 2021

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Heating Efficiency!Winter is on its way, and that means you'll want to optimize your home heating system before the temps drop considerably. Optimization doesn't require a big …

Debunking Common Electronic Energy Usage Myths

September 13, 2021

Nobody wants to waste energy—or money—so we all strive to be as cognizant as we can to shut off lights when we leave the house and unplug chargers whenever we can. Even so, it’s all …

How Much Do You Really Know About Natural Gas?

When considering options for green energy in the Northeast, many consumers find they still have a lot to learn when it comes to knowing the facts about natural gas: what it is, where is comes …

Understanding Renewable Energy Certificates

August 23, 2021

Most of us want to do our part to combat climate change within our own homes, but sometimes we don’t have the means or skills to make radical changes to our living space, like adding …

What Can I Do About My High Energy Bill?

August 18, 2021

Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of getting an unusually high electric bill and wondered, how did this happen? It’s a good question, and one you should ask if you want to avoid …

Should I Install a WI-FI Thermostat in My Home?

August 9, 2021

A programmable thermostat can be one of the better bang-for-your-buck investments for improving efficiency at home, no matter what kind of heating or cooling system you have. But what about modern-day smart thermostats—are they worth …

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